Sunday, November 11, 2007

Guale Rambles 2007

I've posted the first set of photos from one of our rambles this past year.
You can see them by clicking here.

These photos were taken by MJ Manning on the Cumberland Island Ramble, May 26, 2007.

We had our picnic lunch at Plum Orchard under the great, spreading oaks, with a nice view of the river.

We had a great day, and as you will notice in the photos we had a bit of excitement when the tire on our van blew out. Not went flat, but actually blew the whole side-wall out.
Most of the tour waited for the rescue trucks, and rode back to camp, while a few of us decided to start walking our way back until another vehicle could come get us.

It was a nice balmy day, and until we started walking it hadn't been too terribly hot.
We saw some wildlife in a nearly dry creek (the tide was out), and lots of fiddler crabs taking advantage of the low tide.

Hopefully, we will get another chance to do this trip again. Cumberland Island is always a great place to visit.

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